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Please see below for further information on crowns.

Some further information:

A crown is a protective cover placed over a tooth
It acts a ‘crash helmet’ to protect the tooth underneath
Crowns are usually placed on a heavily filled tooth or following a root canal treatment
There are normally two stages to making a crown
Firstly, the tooth will be prepared and an impression taken. You will usually be numb for this part
At the second visit, the crown is cemented in place. Usually, this does not require any local anaesthetic
You will usually be aware of the newly fitted crown for up to 2 weeks, but it will gradually bed in
It is important to maintain a good level of oral hygiene around a crown by thoroughly brushing and flossing
There are two main types of crown that can be fitted; metal or tooth coloured
Under the NHS, metal crowns are placed on molars and tooth coloured crowns are fitted on pre-molars and incisors

See the pictures below for a before and after photo of a white crown.

See the pictures below for a before and after photo of a metal crown.

See the video below to help you understand the process of fitting a crown:


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